Dear Member,

It is with gratitude to Hashem and great excitement that we send this most meaningful update.  There has been a flurry of activity behind the scenes at SNAC and enhancements can be seen on a weekly basis. We would like to share with you what has been completed and that which will be finished in the very near future: 
  • A new courtyard was installed which will allow us to hold outdoor functions
  • A garden with fruit trees has been planted to allow us to make the Brachot Ilanot (Blessing on the trees) each Nissan and of course enhances the beauty of our campus
  • A ramp has been created for handicapped access directly from the car park
  • Fencing will commence in the next few weeks to give us greater security and privacy
But most significant and exciting is that new synagogue furnishings were installed the week of Feb. 17th.  These included the following:
Aron Kodesh, Bima, Ner Tamid, Mechitzot, Bookshelves, doors to enter the Sanctuary and new Memorial boards.
Some of these furnishings were made possible due to donations made during the initial fundraising campaign held almost 3 years ago when we began the “new shul” process with the city of Netanya. We are very grateful and proud to bring these items to completion and thank the donors for their patience and generosity.  
There are items yet to be sponsored, but that is for another email update!
On behalf of the board, I thank all of you who have worked tirelessly to make SNAC a mikdash me’at, a place of holiness, learning and community.

Shelli Weisz
Chairman, SNAC