We are grateful and excited to be in our new premises and we want to share the many challenges and opportunities ahead of us with the entire membership.

Completing the building
The Tofes 4 (building completion certificate) has been issued to the Municipality as owners of the building and the contractor gone off site. Some things were left unfinished and these must now be completed by the Sephardim and ourselves.
(a)  Clearing the unbuilt area around the building
(b)  Fencing the entire site
(c)   Paving the walkway on the North side of the building
(d)  Creating a cover over the access areas to the building
Quotations are awaited for all the above. The City has been told that we will deduct any moneys that we expend from the final cost of the building.

In the longer term....
We will need to do some constructional work to enlarge our shul and our architect is working on various different ideas. Any expansion plans will require planning permission and cannot be properly considered until we have a lease and proper legal tenure. 

We will keep you informed as things evolve.  By now we are all aware that things move at a different pace in Israel and while at times it causes questions and frustration, we accept it, move forward and focus on this incredibly exciting time in the life of SNAC.

Please share your ideas, questions and suggestions either with me or with any member of the Board. We welcome your participation.

May we continue to go from strength to strength together.