South Netanya Ashkenazi Congregation

SNAC is a small intimate community serving the traditionally observant residents of South Netanya (South Beach).

SNAC is an Ashkenazi congregation that began functioning on Pesach 5769 because of the need of an English Speaking Ashkenazi Minyan in South Netanya. Its participants are both permanent residents as well as those who maintain homes in the area and visit on a regular basis. Other local residents also participate who have enjoyed the spiritually uplifting and friendly atmosphere.

SNAC is a modern orthodox congregation whose policy is a deep love of Israel, adherence to halacha and whose Ashkenazi prayer services are actively participatory 

In its short existence SNAC has already established itself as a caring community having disbursed thousands of shekalim to local charities. 

Shiurim on various topics are held regularly and are in the process of being expanded. 


Our membership is growing and we welcome anyone who wishes to visit us and join our growing congregation 

Shabbat morning services are usually followed by a sponsored Kiddush when everyone has an opportunity to socialize. To sponsor one please contact us at

For more details please contact us.