Last Shabbat, we restarted reading the Torah with Bereishit. We learned about the Creation and The Garden of Eden, which I will call HaShem’s Plan A.


This was followed by the sin of eating from the forbidden fruit (which was NOT an apple), and the subsequent implementation of HaShem’s Plan B (mortality, working the land, labour pains, and more.)


This week, we learn how Plan B doesn’t work either, so HaShem brings the Flood, after which Plan C is introduced: people lived shorter lives, man was allowed to eat meat (some people see a strong connection between the two); the new laws of Nature are put in place; and, almost 2,000 years after the Creation, Avraham is about to re-discover Monotheism.


Had Plan C stayed its course, it would have continued with the 3-point strategy – which we have discussed often in SNAC - including a) The Exodus, b) The gift to the People of Israel of the Holy Torah, and c) The gift to the People of Israel of the Holy Land of Israel. Sadly, the last part of that strategy was delayed by the dual sins of the Golden Calf and the Spies, which caused forty years to be added to our sojourn in the wilderness. Then Plan D was introduced. This continued for a while, but the inability of our kings and leaders to follow in the Path of HaShem ultimately led to the disappearance of the Ten Tribes, the destruction of our two Temples and eviction from our Land.


And so, some 3,500 years after the Creation, some 2,000 years ago, Plan E started with the Final Exile, which we are living in to this day.


So was Plan E already prepared by HaShem at the Creation? Of course! And what about Plan F - the ultimate Redemption and Mashiach? Again, of course! So basically, HaShem knew that the Human Race messed things up time and again.


As the people chosen by the Creator to set the accepted standards of civilisation, it’s up to us. And since we know absolutely nothing about Plan A (Garden of Eden), we need to learn what went wrong with Plan B in this week’s Parsha, if we are to be in a position to bring Plan F that much closer.


Various commentators translate the term “Hamas” in the third verse of the Parsha as “greed.” But according to the Netziv and others, this ultimately led to and encompassed corruption and sexual degradation to an unbelievable degree.


Hmmm. Greed, corruption and sexual degradation. Sound familiar? No wonder Mashiach hasn’t yet revealed himself. We Jews have our work cut out.


Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov,